The USC stands for the University Students’ Council. Here at deVOTEd, we’d like to focus on the U – as in you. As students who still naively believe in the power of student government, we want break through the fog of student apathy and create a space where students can share, debate, and critique student politics. This blog is all about you and those who represent you.

Our goals for this year is to help keep you informed about the issues surrounding your student government, and to decrease student apathy about issues that matter to you one post at a time. There is a lot that goes on in the USC, our focus will be on the events* that will have the greatest impact on you the students.

What to expect:

  • Interviews with your student representatives
  • Elections coverage
  • Constant coverage on Twitter: @devoteduwo  –tweet us, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Sharing of articles about student issues

Call for volunteers!

But of course, all this would not be possible without the help of others who feel the same as we do. We are always looking for student volunteers with a heart for student issues. You do not have to be part of the USC or have any experience, just e-mail us for ways to get involved at: devoteduwo@gmail.com


*For example, the controversy regarding the use of the the Student Donation Fund by the SSSC (Social Science Student Council) to cover administrative costs.

With that, we bid you adieu

Since January of 2012, deVOTEd has gone through 3 election seasons, uploaded 110 blog posts, reached 182 Twitter followers (Highlight: becoming best friends with Brescia Girl), and received 23 109 total views.

Wow. The last couple of years of helping out with deVOTEd have been quite the experience.

This blog started off when Stephen Yu enticed a group of students who were all just super interested in USC Elections to start a blog of their own!

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SSSC Elections 2014

We have a special tie with the Social Science Students’ Council, as we were members of it back in our days, which is why we are informing y’all on who is running for this year’s Executive Team and Department Representatives. It’s not that we don’t love all the other constituencies, but home is where the heart is!

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USC VP Student Events Candidates 2014

Here are the candidates running to replace Adam Smith as the University Students’ Council’s Vice President Student Events.

Role: To coordinate involvement and facilitate engagement of students in events, and programming to enhance the student experience.

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USC VP Candidates 2014

Just like last year, we did a SLIGHT report on the USC VP Candidates. Why is this important for you? Because these kiddies are the ones who will be joining Matt Helfand, Emily Addison, and Jen Carter as your 2014/2015 USC Executive. And they will govern and ruin your lives for at least one year. KIDDING. They won’t ruin lives, there ain’t enough time for that. But actually, these positions will govern clubs, O-Week, your awareness of events and concerts that YOU want to go to, and ensuring that there is even money for these concerts. So, who’s running?

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Stages of Slate Candidates Prior to Results

The CRO is on the stage, about to read the results about who your NEW USC Executives will be. Will it be Team Belman or Team Helfand? Well we can’t tell you that yet, but we can tell you how they’ll be feeling the moments between when the CRO is up on the stage and when the winner is announced.

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