Thank you, and we bid you adieu.

Since January of 2012, deVOTEd has gone through 5 election seasons, uploaded 136 blog posts, become best friends with Brescia Girl on Twitter, and reached 1000s of students across Western University. But now, this project has come to an end as the entire team is no longer at Western. While we’ll no longer be posting updates about Western Elections you can be sure we’ll all be doing other great things.
Shout out to Stephen Yu who started this all by convincing his friends to join. Props to the first writers who helped out: Michaela Chen (2013 Editor), Ken Nakanishi, Jessica Chambers, Liam Brown, Nikki Pilo, Jelena Lazarevic (2014 Editor), Andrew Shaw, Nakita Ryerson and Stephanie Gordon.
See you offline.
The deVOTEd Team